Support Burn Prevention and Recovery Programs

Miami Burn Center Fund donations support care for patients’ physical and psychological recovery, as well as burn-prevention and education.

Burns leave both psychological and physical scars, and recovery can last a lifetime. That’s why firefighters, electrical workers, community groups, and other donors came together to establish Miami Burn Center Fund to support excellence in burn patient care, research, and education.

Make a Donation

A Miami Burn Center Fund donation supports these initiatives:

Children’s Fire Safety Festival and Other Burn Prevention Programs

Thousands of children have learned life-saving burn prevention lessons through interactive activities during this festival, which is held in conjunction with area fire departments.

Return-to-School Program for Children Recovering from Burns

To help young patients gain acceptance and support, our nurses, social workers, and therapists visit their schools and answer questions for their teachers and classmates.

Juvenile Firesetter Program

We bring parents, teachers, and government officials together to help explain the serious consequences of playing with fire, and assist in the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders caught setting fires.

Children’s Burn Camp

The first statewide burn camp of its kind in Florida, it gives children who have been burned an opportunity to interact with others dealing with similar issues and have fun while they learn, grow, and develop.

Continuing Medical Education

The fund supports continuing medical education for our clinical burn team, so they can continue to provide the most innovative care to our patients.

Been burned? If you’re not calling 911, call 305-585-BURN – our 24-hour hotline to a burn specialist.

Make a gift to the Burn Fund

Mail a check:
Payable to Miami Burn Center
Clinical Research Building
1120 NW 14th Street, Suite 464A
Miami, FL. 33136

Or call: 305-243-4150