Our Burn Rehabilitation Therapy Unit

Customized occupational and physical therapy for burn recovery.

Even burn patients who have successful wound treatment or operations may still have difficulties regaining range of motion and full functionality. Our specially trained occupational and physical therapists work with patients at bedside and in Miami Burn Center therapy gym, providing both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

The Burn Rehabilitation Therapy Unit Includes:

Icon of parallel bars

Parallel bars

Icon of a trampoline


Treadmill icon


Icon of a person stretching their right leg

Seated endurance and movement equipment

Icon of a mat


Icon of a person on a balance ball

Exercise balls

Icon of a person lifting weights

Weight training and lifting equipment

Icon of barbells


Been burned? If you’re not calling 911, call 305-585-BURN – our 24-hour hotline to a burn specialist.